Kids and Cupcakes 

Healthy Apple Cupcake with Cinnamon Marshmallow Frosting

“Do you want to have children some day?” My doctor asked me, I looked at her as if she had three heads, 12 eyes and all of them were crossed. “Of course !” I told her. I’ve always known I wanted to have children before I could even imagine. That’s when she hit me with the truth – If I wanted to have children, I’d have to lose weight. I sat there like sure, I know I’ve got to lose a couple of pounds. She went on to tell me, that if I ever wanted to have multiple children, healthy children and uncomplicated pregnancies that I would have to lose a serious amount of weight. It was all news to me. But as I sat there, tears in my eyes from hearing the truth – I knew what she was saying was real. Sometimes you have to hear the truth from someone else before you can accept it. Growing up, I’ve always struggled with my weight. It’d go up, it’d go down but never stay down. But it was then that I knew I had to make a change. For almost 2.5 years now, I’ve been working on my weight and the key word is working. I’ve joined gyms, hired a personal trainer, meal-prepped, done Zumba, tried weight watchers & I lost 25 lbs! I was beginning to see changes and I liked what I was seeing. And then it happened, I moved.

Who knew that moving across country and starting a brand new job could throw off your fitness journey?! I suppose I knew it but just didn’t want to accept it. Working out and eating healthy became so hard. One of the “luxuries” of being a resident director is that your compensation includes an apartment on campus – lucky is me, it’s right around the corner from my office; comes with a meal plan – lucky is me, the dining hall is less than 20 feets from my front door. My 6am gym sessions ended. My meal prep nights ended. Everything halted. I wasn’t eating as healthy as I used to be because it was so easy to grab a slice of pizza and a soda from the dining hall and go back to my apt after work. I did a good job at maintaining my weight. But one day I woke up and was like .. okay Keosha, you’ve done this before why is it so hard to do now? I had lost track of the focus. The reason why I was working on my health in the present was essentially for my future. I felt that I was letting my future kids down. If I wasn’t committing to making this change, would I ever be? So I started my journey again but as I continued to work out, I was seeing the small changes but my tummy would just not disappear ! Talk about frustrating. So there I was again, at the doctor having a conversation and she tells me that I had a uterine fiberoid that was the size of a cantaloupe – in other words, my uterus was the size of a 5.5 month pregnancy! But seriously, could I catch a break? Here I am on this journey to become fit and everything in my path is like NOPE! Needless to say, that had to go. My doctor told me that if I didn’t remove the fiberoid, it would make having children very hard. Almost back to square one.

After recovery and summer, I decided that – okay Keosha, here we go again. Back on this fitness journey. I joined a bootcamp and a kickboxing class that’s kicked my butt from day one. It’s definitely hard work. It was easy putting the weight on, and it definitely isn’t gonna be easy getting it off. But that’s the commitment that I have to make to myself, and my future kiddos because without this commitment, there might not be any. 2017 I’ve dedicated to my health and fitness. I’ve been on this journey for a while now, taking extended detours and shortcuts but it’s time to really buckle down and put my health first. As much as I love cupcakes, I have to put my health and future kiddos first.

Here’s to kids and cupcakes. Click the picture for a receipe to Apple cupcakes with Cinnamon Marshmallow frosting



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